Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Deportes o de moda?

Famed fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi to coach Cruz Azul? Apparently so. Tired of being beaten on the field, both stylistically and futbolistically, Cruz Azul of Mexico, D.F. has hired Isaac Mizrahi to man the helm, or dress the helm, or something.

While this change hasn't made Andres Cantor grita "GOOOOOOL" yet, it has scared Pachuca--the widely acknowledged "best dressed" team in the Mexican soccer league. They are so worried about their status atop the fashion pyramid that they have begun redesigning their official web site. They're obviously preparing a completely new look for next season. Until their site is up, you can check out some historical footage of Pachuca right here--back when they all played with mustaches.

When I tried to contact Mizrahi for a statement, an assistant answered his phone with, "Isaac Mizrahi, futbol and fashion designer's office. Isaac thinks polar bears are cute. How can I help you?" I'm still waiting to hear back from him.


barba de chiva said...

Do you see any long-term impact on cementos, Flaco?

And: those of you reading the comments, if you have not followed the link for "historical footage," do so now.

flaco delgado said...
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flaco delgado said...

Good question, Barba. I, for one, believe in "historical footage," but not as much as I believe in cementos. Of course my loyalties are torn between CEMEX, because they come from Nuevo Leon, and Cruz Azul, because they love style as much as soccer, and because they are a cooperative society.

That said, I see some brilliant and bold new colors of cement coming from Cruz Azul in the near future. This will put pressure on CEMEX to follow suit. I expect CEMEX will use their larger production capacity and market share to "empuje el sobre de cementos" even further in reaction to Cruz Azul's innovations. Look for patterned cement during the second quarter of 2007--most likely starting with paisley.

Whatever happens, rest assured, the cement industry will remain as exciting and vibrant as ever. Que Viva Cementos!