Sunday, December 09, 2007

Best Music of 2007: Electronic

I have no business doing these lists. I listen to music in an intentionally random way. Organizing it into listy-ness and then suggesting that this might mean something to you, or me, is just wrong. I really don't know anything about electronica/electronic/electro/house/techno/etc. I don't even really know how to categorize these little genres. But I do listen to a lot of music all across the board, and, like all of us, I decide what I like. LCD Soundsystem is big. Pole isn't really, though I've liked him since the blue album in the late 90s, and I've always had a soft spot for Mark E. Smith's Fall stuff and for the peerless Mouse on Mars. I have no idea if the kids listen to the others. Nonetheless, here they are from 2007 in the electro...whatever category.
Best Music of 2007: Latin American Music
Best Music of 2007: French
Best Music of 2007: International
Best Music of 2007: Hip Hop


RSVP said...

a link for the fae ecosse ep boss - woah up there with Pole and LCD - glad you liked my tunage...cheers

scotty b aka radio scotvoid

helmut said...

Thanks, Scotty. I wish you all the best with your tunage.

Short Sale Real Estate said...

Scotty, I can tell you have a great musica ear. Perfect order! :)

RSVP said...

thanx guys - I appreciate your comments...tell me how did you get a hold of 'fae ecosse'???

helmut said...

I think it was Undomundo. Somewhere else too, I believe.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I don't understand why everybody like current LCD soundsystem album. It's a rehash of early Kraftwerk and David Byrne.

I am obsessing over dubstep now. yay IDM.

RSVP said...

new album by radio scotvoid

chek it boys