Monday, December 10, 2007

Best Music of 2007: French

Music from France has a big role in my life. There's so much that's so bad, there's so much that's so good, and then there's so much that's so bad it's good. I listen to both the latter two categories. But the list that follows is taken from the good category. And it's really nice stuff. That lovely button-hook, Vanessa Paradis, wife of Johnny Depp, has put out the best album of her career. And there are a host of newer musicians doing creative, beautiful, and challenging work to rival anything anywhere else. A couple of demo-level musicians are involved here, although not long of the demo, I hope. I'm really looking forward to Soko's and Cecile Hercule's coming work, both of whom should have some smart label calling them soon. I adore all of this... in different ways. Again, in no particular order.
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mk is Watoo said...

Thanks a lot Helmut!

mk | Watoo Watoo

helmut said...

My pleasure, Michael. Thanks to you and Pascale for the really fun tunes.