Tuesday, January 15, 2008



MT said...

What the...?! You sure that isn't the cover from Discover's special issue on stellar evolution? If it isn't, they need a new artist.

jenhargis said...

I was going to ask animal, mineral or vegetable, but I did not want to appear ignorant (again), so I decided to research it a (very) little bit. The search engine that I went to only had links about several different men whose last name were Puhala, so I guess my question is now WHO is this?

Anonymous said...

Great find!.....PANDANUS ODORATISSIMUS - Breadfruit, Pandang, Screw Pine
"A Polynesian and Southeast Asian medium-large tree. Terminal bud is edible. The leaves' tender white base is eaten raw or boiled. Round, cannonball-size fruit resembles a pineapple. The inner fleshy end of each cell, a separate fruit, is sweet and starchy. Seeds at the woody end are edible. Propagated by seed or suckers".