Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Technical Support Forum

I'll concede that I'm getting old, but this isn't like my mother needing me to program the VCR, is it?

Here a customer asks Cisco how to use a router.

Basic technical question, no answer It's still up there waiting for one, and it's been about two years.

Given that we're talking about a multinational monopoly vendor of a piece of consumer electronics you can buy at Target, probably nobody above the age of seven ought to be surprised to see it behave as if it had no duty to individuals who exchange money for a package covered in representations about what the item inside will do for him or her. I was shocked I think only because I'd let myself believe that IT people, at least, were always there for one another. Also I made the same purchase and I'm at the same loose ends myself.

Then it occurred to me that maybe time has passed me by. Is programming a default gateway is as intuitive to today's sixth graders as programming a VCR was to me? A black man was just made president, after all.

I don't think so. IT people are there for one another. Just not on company time at a company like Cisco, they aren't.

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