Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bits and Pieces - August 18, 2009

"Your roads are designed to kill people."

Rose Gottemoeller's progress report on negotiations with Russia. I have my doubts that a fissionable materials control treaty is worth the time, but her explanation isn't bad:
...as nuclear arsenals come down, it will become increasingly important to have limitations on fissile material that could be used to produce new weapons.
Sort of a belt-and-suspenders approach. And many thanks to the Department of State's webmaster for getting rid of those little letters marching across the screen.

Historical movies of nuclear tests. YouTube it ain't, but the movies are fascinating. Hat tip to RG.

Steve Benen uses a Daily Kos poll on health care issues to score some points against Republicans, but I thought the real news was how much of the population remains rational.

Boo Yoo! I'm a Berkeley graduate.

Iran may or may not be ready to talk about its nuclear program without preconditions. There's been some movement, apparently backward as well as forward, but that anything like this has been said at all is a hopeful sign. I tend to agree with Trita Parsi that the biggest danger is that internal Iranian unrest will prevent anything from happening.

South Korea rattling missiles. Prelude to an east Asia arms race?

Advertisers continue to pull out from the Glenn Beck Show. Good job, ColorofChange.org!

A thorough and critical look by a Christian magazine at the C Street house with which several recently adulterous Republicans have been associated. Via.


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Why there all have to be with gun and missile. Are they not tired with the war all around us. Why don't they calm down and now we have youtube, metacafe, twitters and others..just enjoy the net. War only for people who not civilize.