Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On the Location and Inspection of That Iranian Enrichment Plant

The United States has claimed that Iran has been building a clandestine enrichment plant. Iran confirms that there is such a plant, for peaceful uses, and has proposed an inspection.

But at least two underground sites have been identified by ISIS and bloggers. And there are likely more.

So which site will Iran allow to be inspected? And will that satisfy those who are suspicious about Iran's nuclear program.

Perhaps it would be useful for the United States to identify the site it's talking about. But, of course, that would give Iran some advantages in concealing equipment for the inspection if it is not being honest about those peaceful uses. Perhaps the United States could give the location to the IAEA inspectors.

I'm recalling the claims before the Iraq war that "we know where the WMD sites are." It turned out that every location the US government gave the international inspectors had no WMD.

The commentary on last week's revelations about Iran's program is being influenced by the lies that led us into the Iraq war. The United States government needs some credibility repair, too.

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