Friday, January 22, 2010

Bits and Pieces - January 22, 2010

Leadership on health care reform starting to emerge in the House: John Dingell

Michael Bérubé writes in praise of the Democrats' political humility. The commenters chime in equally wittily.

47 health policy experts say "Sign the Senate bill."

Andrew Sullivan writes why he's continuing to support President Obama. I've been thinking of writing something along these lines, but Sullivan's is probably better.

There must be something to the idea that greening our energy economy will produce jobs and profits.

Good news coming on START, it looks like.

Those famously anonymous diplomats around the IAEA (Israeli, likely as not) say that nuclear negotiations with Iran are off, although the IAEA and Iran say they're still on.

The week could have been worse. A big rock from outer space could have fallen on your head.

Can You Write News Based Only on Facebook and Twitter? Probably not.

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