Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bits and Pieces - November 8, 2011

Do the Republicans want America to be like Greece? Compare this with the denigration of government (alternative to government: anarchy) and recommendation of "individual action" via guns and such:
A few thousand years after Greeks invented Western civilization, the basic premise behind it has broken down: the Greek individual and the Greek state no longer work in concert. Over the past generation, Greece has been slowly devolving into a state of quiet anarchy.
OTOH, here's too much government in action.

Americans want more government in health care.

Mapping Twitter.

Honey you buy in stores may not be honey.

The promiscuous past of the human race.

Mas: A nice article on improving cities, but this observation
I find that successful advocacy and implementation is more about facilitating real and personal commitment in others than in proselytizing about the abstract, and for that, we need more accessible experiences.
has implications far beyond that topic.

At first, during my visit this summer, I thought that the Estonians preferred debit cards to credit cards, since they were punching numbers into machines rather than signing slips of paper. Then I realized that it was my credit card that was behind the times. Kevin Drum explains why.

Will the Penn State debacle end college football? Should it?

Great that the defense contractors are doing such a good job of keeping costs down.

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