Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oh Well. It's not Like They're Cuddly.

SCIENTISTS have for the first time found evidence that polar bears are drowning because climate change is melting the Arctic ice shelf.

The researchers were startled to find bears having to swim up to 60 miles across open sea to find food. They are being forced into the long voyages because the ice floes from which they feed are melting, becoming smaller and drifting farther apart.


mystic_sprite1969 said...

For someone whose nickname acknowledge an animal, you don't seem very sympathetic to them. I found your comment "Oh! Well. It's not Like They're cuddly." very callous and shocking. You seem a very educated person and as such you should care more about the misfortunes of our animal kingdom. I am sure we are liable for all of them or at least most of them specially with the change on the climates due to the collapsing of our ozonosphere. In any case, I just wanted to bring to your attention such action next time be more careful, who knows maybe Gaia would not be very forgiven to you. I hope you know what a Chiva is? Otherwise, I feel sorry for you, I certainly don't want the spirits to make me their sport.

May your holidays be blessed and the spirits enlight your mind.

helmut said...

Dear Twinkle_Pixie1968, Year of the Rock Anthem,

While I cannot speak for Barba or, as we say here informally, "goatboy," I can say that we have the utmost respect for the natural environment and Madonna Nature here at Phronesisaical, and say our daily prayers to Jimi Hendrix who is, as you will know, also a part of Mother Earth. Alas,... except for goatboy who's paying off bad karma as we speak by living out this life as goatboy, while in his previous life he was Charlemagne.

How would you like to be goatboy? The food is terrible and the flies are bad. I would think the last thing that would worry you is the cuddleability of polar bears. Please say you're sorry to goatboy.

barba de chiva said...

When people can see that you have a long beard and little round glasses, it's easy to get lazy about signaling irony. Here in South Texas, where people generally have a difficult time processing verbal irony, one often hears speakers affixing a throaty, gagging sound, tongue all out, to indicate they've said something unserious. I'd officially like to affix that noise--yaaaaannnchhh--to this post.

flaco delgado said...

For somebody named "goat," Barba has certainly gathered his tin cans and gone home rather quickly following the most minor misting of disagreement. Goats are supposed to be stubborn. Kind of like mules only more hornery. And when young, goats are tasty too. I'm not sure if mules are ever tasty, but I am sure I don't want to find out. But I am digressing--digressing because I'm having a hard time digesting Barba's about face without so much as a "butt..."

Barba, since you obviously have some pathological hatred of polar bears, you really need to stand by it. Don't let some polar bear lover silence you. Doing so will only lead to indegestion and ulcers--a condition totally unbecoming to a goat.

mystic_sprite1969 said...

At the risk of being impaled, I must add:

barba de chiva- It's hard to read sarcasm while is easier to spot it on face to face dialogues for this, I admit my commet was very harsh. I know better to intrude in other's business but once I finished reading your link to the polar bear's story; your comment didn't seem amusing to me.

helmut- your comment reeks sarcasm all over. I see you have no problem conveying it in your writings. Then, again I could be wrong.

flaco delgado- I'm not trying to silence anyone last I check we lived in a free country. About, the title I must declined since I'm not particular fond of any kind of animals, specially, homo sapiens.

I thank you gentlemen for today's lesson. I'll make sure never to forget it.

helmut said...

Mystic -- you're right, that was a sarcastic comment. I have a congenital problem with this and will check myself into a clinic (more sarcasm! you see?).

Barba posted this because of the lack of real action over global warming. When you look at effects "on the ground" you see such things as dying polar bears and melting glaciers. "Charismatic mega-fauna" often get people to act, but in this case not even that seems to work. Happy motoring nation. If you're a Gaiaist you ought to be able to see the bigger picture....

If you're sincere about your environmental beliefs, you should browse the site and look at some of the other posts on environmental issues to get a picture of how we think about the natural environment. Non-human species are part of the equation.

Flaco, on the other hand, was just being an ass. I don't know what's wrong with that boy.