Monday, April 23, 2007

Towards Petroleum-Based Chocolate

Good God. Will it never stop?

Julia is sounding the alarm about the latest outrage upon human dignity visited on
the American people by the corporate state: the debasement of the nation's chocolate.

Currently, there are laws mandating that products marketed as "chocolate," must contain a certain percentage of cocoa butter by weight. However, the FDA is reviewing a "citizens petition" to allow chocolate manufacturers to substitute vegetable fats or oils for the cocoa butter. Who are these citizens? The LA Times reports that they belong to the Chocolate Manufacturers Assn., the Grocery Manufacturers Assn., the Snack Food Assn. and the National Cattlemen's Beef Assn.

Tell the FDA what you think of this corporate assault on our quality of life. Detailed instructions here.


troutsky said...

The Cattlemen are starting to get on my nerves.They are also trying to take away our right to access streams for fishing.Spending to much time with bovines can have an effect.

Anonymous said...

W T F ?!

Murky Thoughts said...

The government can have my chocolate when it pries my cold, sticky fingers off the bar.