Monday, May 14, 2007

The Bomb Wins Again

Photo from a 1957 test conducted to see what an a-bomb would do to an airship. See the full piece here at Airminded [totally ripped by me from Kuipercliff, an excellent new-ish blog worth following].


KuiperCliff said...

Rip away, Helmut, rip away! Love that picture - it's almost as if those crrrazee scientists are looking at their downed zeppelin in astonishment. Or perhaps they're saying, "hmm, well, we had to check", and sombrely ticking their clipboards. The irony is that this was the first airship casualty - they went on to do a whole bunch more tests. Just to be sure.

helmut said...

This one didn't do it for them? Couldn't they have just used a firecracker and a balloon? Or how about using a giant marshmallow, all those scientists holding it aloft on a giant stick?