Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Ft. Dix Hicks

Global Guerillas:
The organic emergence of terrorist groups, whose only connection to al Qaeda is through the media, shouldn't come as a surprise. We will see this again and again. One reason is that in open source warfare, the barriers to entry are nearly zero. Anyone can participate. All you need to do in order to join, is to act. Of course, the only good thing (for us) about this dynamic, is that many of these terrorist groups will be merely collections of amateur hackers (in the sloppy sense). Their plans will be stale, foolish, and easy to intercept. The Ft. Dix six are an example of this.
Anyone can participate.


Murky Thoughts said...

Darn good thing we're in still Iraq is all I can say. It shows the Patriot Act needs strengthening though. The NSA needs access _all_ our photos. There should be NSA kiosks in the malls and in the grocery stores.

helmut said...

I, for one, am keeping up my patriotic duty by exposing fruit for their terroristic ways.