Friday, June 29, 2007

When Iraq Is Israel

This is helpful, especially since Israel represents a source of peace and stability in the region. From TPM:
Hed: Bush cites Israel as model for Iraq

President Bush held up Israel as a model for defining success in Iraq, saying Thursday the U.S. goal there is not to eliminate attacks but to enable a democracy that can function despite violence.

With his Iraq policy under increasing criticism from the public and lawmakers in both parties, Bush went to the U.S. Naval War College to declare progress and plead for patience. At the same time, his top national security went to Capitol Hill to hear out Republican critics.

We'll have succeeded in Iraq when it's like Israel.


MT said...

They're just moving the finish line forward again. Next we'll have won when it's like the West Bank, and not Gaza. Then when it's like Darfur, and not Rwanda.

Anonymous said...

You mean when Iraq has 200 nukes and the submarines to deliver them?


helmut said...

Your comments hit it - so much for that analogy.

Kathleen said...

I lol every time someone says that Israel represents peace and stability. Given my recent trips to Israel they were nothing but arrogant jerks and given the facts and history of this Jewish state... they're hardly the postermodels for peace.