Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Turkey and the US Whirled

Very nice piece by Patricia K at Whirled View on Turkey-US relations, the recent Turkish election, and cross-purposes regarding Kurdistan. I like this little aside:
For any number of reasons, the US should put out the welcome mat even if nothing more than that the food at the Turkish Embassy is bound to be far superior from that at the White House or many other embassies about town.
The women at Whirled View have been producing some very nice stuff steeped in their rich experience and expertise. They're well worth a daily visit.

See also this post by Cheryl on the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

And this one, also by Patricia K, on Kosovo.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, helmut! We read phronesisaical for news of Latin America, which we don't cover quite as well as some parts of the whirled.

And there's more to come on the US-India deal (when I get time - sigh!) and lots of other good stuff, including more of my backyard birds (maybe this afternoon).

Plus one of our blog is currently in South Asia. She should have some good stuff when she gets back later this month.