Friday, September 07, 2007

Mp3 Find of the Day

I'm an LP guy who only in the past year decided that mp3s have some merit. The basic merit is that they make obscure and rare LPs easier to find and the music easier to possess. This doesn't mean that one gives up on record stores, thrift shops, and the occasional garage sale for LPs. It simply means that "crate-digging" takes on new meaning. I'll occasionally go on a surf binge browsing for new and old music. Since I have nearly everything I know that I want on LP, downloadable files open up a new avenue for finding the things I didn't know that I wanted until I found them.

So, rather than try to post music files myself, I'll continue to link from time to time to blogs posting interesting music. Phronesisaical doesn't get enough traffic for overloading downloads on another site to be a problem.

Scott Soriano at Crud Crud has a particularly good eye. How can one pass on this?

Soriano's Rule of Record Grubbing No. 2312: Do not pass up a record cover on which a man is playing a flute to a couple of pigs.

And here's another, the early 70s psych band, Tractor, via Raven Sings the Blues.

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