Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Concerts à Emporter

Photo courtesy of Peadar

An old friend from Paris days, a longtime Irish expatriate musician named Peadar, sent me this link from the French music blog, La Blogothèque. It's a collection of videos of mostly the current crop of Indie musicians playing in the streets of Paris. But it's also a long tradition, the street musician in Paris. Some make an intentional career of it. And I know of at least one current well-known musician who came up through playing in the Parisian streets and rather accidentally found fame and fortune, Peadar's friend and former playing partner, Madeleine Peyroux ("Maddy").


Anonymous said...

There is a blog of New York City street musicians with photos and info: www.SawLady.com/blog
I guess Indie musicians all over the world are swarming the streets :)

Anonymous said...

Helmut, here's some very interesting news from Paris:

what do you think?