Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Link Dump

I'm pressed for time today, and am thus "dumping" some links here that I had wanted to write about.

Andrew Sullivan in The Sunday Times on the torturers of the Bush administration following the model of Nazism.

Another Blackwater incident
in Iraq. [correction: not Blackwater this time, but another private contractor]

Turkey okaying incursions into Iraq/Kurdistan. Turkey has been threatening this for some time. It now looks likely (for more, see this earlier post).

Jeffrey Lewis thinks the target of the Israeli bombing in Syria was a scud missile shipment.

The ten "most insane sports." I'm fond of The Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake (watch the video). But it still has nothing on ferret legging.

Smithsonian Magazine on hula.

At Alternet, "Why Iraqi Farmers Might Prefer Death to Paul Bremer's Order 81."

Barbara Kingsolver on the significance of farming.

Peter Dorman at Econospeak, "The Obama Carbon Plan."

From AskPhilosophers, answers to the question, "Is cybersex a sexual encounter? If you discover that your partner engages in it, is he/she cheating on you?"

From Pruned, an extraordinary Chilean walkway.

Photos from here.


MT said...

Well dumped. Cybersex: Yes it's sex, no it's not cheating--not even if you get cyberpregnant.

Turkey militancy: Well, that settles where the Thanksgiving Day pardon is going this year.

Madam Mayo said...

Especially glad to see the Kingsolver link. Blog on!

helmut said...

What if a cyberchild results? Are you eventually committed to sending the child to cybercollege? It could get expensive.