Monday, December 10, 2007

Fish Fish

This fish may soon taste like itself.

The NY Times Sunday Magazine does its annual "year of ideas" list. One of my favorites is fish-flavored fish. It will join the tomato-flavored tomato, which, incidentally, was genetically engineered years ago by splicing in a flounder gene to regain the tomato flavor that the tomato had lost through industrialized farming. But, whereas the flounder-tomato is a response to the absurd treadmills that values of production and efficiency place us on, the fishy fish is a response to the watered down (pardon the pun) flavor of farmed fish, which is, in turn, a response to dangerously depleted wild fish stocks. But there's a bonus this time: just maybe the new fishy fish will save wild fish from global warming, so that one day in the future we may once again be able to eat fish-flavored fish from their natural habitat.


MT said...

Give a fish a ... Teach a fish... Give a man a fishy taste.... Anyway it's another wrong for America.

helmut said...

You packed those adages in like sardines.