Wednesday, December 05, 2007

US President Defies Law of Non-Contradiction

1. US itself says Iran has no nuclear weapons program since 2003.

2. President of US says that only acceptable response is for Iran to admit it does have nuclear weapons program, contrary to #1.

(Bonus: President also says no Iran nuclear weapons program since 2003 is proof that Iraq invasion worked).


MT said...

And that's why a philosophy professor will never be President.

helmut said...

True, being able to give two contradicting statements is the key to covering your political base.

Anon a Mouse! said...

Here's to hoping the intelligence estimate is correct in this case. They haven't always been.

We would be better off to wait until they actually light one off (say in NYC or D.C) before we get all excited about it though. That way the intent of the agressor is more obvious. Pre-emption as a strategy is costly and provocative. Not saying we have to wait for things to get really bad before taking action like WW2 but we as a people would be much better off if we can speak with one voice against aggression.

jenhargis said...

I must wonder then why Iran decided to print mushroom clouds on their new currency. True, they are decorative.