Saturday, January 05, 2008

Big Pharma, Big Advertising

Mike the Mad Biologist:
PhRMA, the lobbying group for the pharmaceutical companies, claims that drug companies spend more on research than on advertising. A recent study from PLoS Medicine debunks this claim....

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jenhargis said...

Warning: This comment may cause side effects including discomfort, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, incontinence, halitosis, alopecia, psoriasis, pneumonia, colony collapse syndrome and homophobia. If any of these symptoms occur contact your congressman immediately.

The pharmaceutical companies need to stop advertising altogether. If it's not something I can go to the store right now and buy, I don't want to see a print-ad, tv spot or hear a radio commercial about it. If my doctor is not up-to-date on medications then I need a new doctor. I would very much like to see how the pharmaceutical companies justify charging $100 for ONE anti-osteoperosis pill. It matters not one bit that it's a month's dose. It's still ONE pill. I wonder what the breakdown is...$55 for the CEO, $30 advertising, $10 research, $2 for all of the other employees and $3 lawyer fees? The pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies and the government need to stop taking advantage of the elderly and/or infirm. It's tantamount to murder.