Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mp3 Find of the Day

The English pop band 10c.c. was infuriating. Some of their music was brilliant - funny, beautiful, and innovative all at the same time. But much of it was simply irritating. I suppose the two sides go hand in hand when you're trying to break from convention. Their biggest hit was, of course, 1975's "I'm Not in Love." Their second biggest hit came after a shake-up in the band that split its two main creative elements. This song was "Dreadlock Holiday," which is today's find courtesy of the blog Art Decade.

This isn't a new discovery for me. I adore the quirky record on which this tune is included, Bloody Tourists. I fully admit that the album is not for everyone, though. The songs may offend the PC-hearted, as well as those who shy away from UK 70s pop. But, in my view, it's a great little concept album about travel. The travelers are generally ignorant, weary, and ugly Englishmen who find bits and pieces of beauty and love in odd places. Ultimately, the record centers on this combination of curiosity and ignorance, mocking the imported provincialism that the cosmopolitan soul never escapes but pretends it does.

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