Friday, January 11, 2008

Security, Property Rights, and Political Whimsy

We seem to have some confusion over conservative first principles going on in South Texas. In the name of the politics of the ridiculous border wall, Homeland Security is confiscating private land. Toss that into the public political debate, won't you.
Homeland Security issued a 30-day notice to south Texas land owners, which expires Monday, January 7, [2008], to seize private lands in Texas for the US/Mexico border wall.
Here's the update:
Feds To Sue For Access To Land For Border Fence: Border Fence Deadline Passes; Fight May Shift To Courts

UPDATE (5:50am, 1/15):

Erik Loomis has a quick and clean critique at Alterdestiny.


MT said...

A show of solidarity with the Israelis perhaps?

helmut said...

There's more developing on this issue. Seems that the Texan libertarians on the border are calling to arms (and calling for a little realism about the whole wall thing).