Saturday, January 05, 2008

Who to Hate Next?

It seems that the wacky right has hated itself into a corner. They've hated the Clintons - and this is real hate, not like I hate licorice - for so long, and Hillary gave them such a fine target, that they're now going to have to work on building up the hate for others. I trust they're good enough at it - the c.v. is long and detailed - but it does put them at a disadvantage this political campaign season. I mean, grunting itself takes time to do properly.

Obama wins in Iowa and leads the polls in New Hampshire. Hillary refuses to go negative, apparently. John Edwards thinks Hillary is out of the race.

So, let the hating of "Hussein" Obama start?


Jim Anderson said...

"Obama wins in Idaho...."

Was this substitution intended? I could see why--their demographics, I'd imagine, aren't too far apart. Just exchange potatoes for corn, and maybe we can get a car that runs on government-subsidized tater tots.

helmut said...

Oops, I changed it to Iowa. Thanks for alerting me. Kind of a bizarre slip, eh?

barba de chiva said...

I love licorice.

helmut said...