Thursday, February 21, 2008

The End of the Campaign Road

Oh, my. The great tragedy for the Clinton campaign is that it is run by nincompoops. I have great respect for Hillary Clinton, but zero respect for her overpaid campaign staff. Over the past several days the campaign, apparently out of ideas, has pushed the inane plagiarism charge against Obama. It's sad that that's the best they can do. Yet, it culminated in what otherwise appears to have been a graceful debate tonight in Clinton's catchy "change you can xerox" remark. Now, if you're going to rest the waning days of the campaign on an attack on Obama's rhetorical originality, you probably ought not to commit the same fault. Now, however, we're going to suffer through another round of this silliness in the press, only this time directed towards Clinton. It's a rather sad end of a campaign.

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Anonymous said... one manages one's campaign staff is a mighty good indicator of how one would manage a cabinet...