Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lessons from the Potomac Primary

And who better to provide these lessons than Al Giordano of The Field, who has been consistently offering up the best election analysis I've seen yet. A few interesting items from tonight:
- For the first time in a primary where exit polls were taken, Obama won among Catholics. (Obama victories in heavily Catholic towns and cities of Maine on Sunday hinted at this trend.) Catholics had been a Clinton “base vote” …until today. Catholics are a huge vote in Ohio, upcoming on March 4. Interestingly, he scored highest among devout Catholics (those that go to church weekly) which skew more working class and female...

- Here’s an interesting number (and I’ll tell you what it means): Of the 22 percent of voters that thought that TV ads were “very important” in making their decision, 72 percent voted for Obama and only 27 percent for Clinton. You know what that tells us? That Clinton is still having money problems. That figure is only possible if Obama vastly outspent Clinton on the TV airwaves. Is it possible that the Clinton campaign hype about having raised millions of dollars last week is greatly exaggerated? I’d say that these numbers suggest that very strongly to be the case. That’s also an omen for the states ahead.
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