Saturday, February 02, 2008

McCain and the Abramoff Affair

Sure, John McCain investigated and called to task a number of figures involved in the Abramoff Indian gaming scandal that stole $80 million from the tribes. Not Ralph Reed, however. Quaintly, CNN hired Reed as political commentator. That might end up being quite fortunate for McCain. (via BookForum).

Functionaries, consultants, lawyers and lobbyists testified before McCain's committee. Yet Reed—like Grover Norquist whose Americans for Tax Reform served as a conduit for more than $1 million in Indian gaming money for Abramoff—was never called to testify.

McCain's reluctance to get all the way to the bottom of the scandal is understandable. The millions Abramoff and his associates were donating to the Republican Party was building the permanent majority that Texas Congressman Tom DeLay promised would be paid for by lobbyists.

While John McCain is running for president on his success in pursuing Jack Abramoff, some reporter will inevitably ask him why he failed to pursue big funders who were considered too powerful to challenge.

Don't expect to hear Ralph Reed raise that question as a news analyst for "the most trusted name in news."

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