Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The New Torture President(-ial Candidate)

The one thing John McCain had going for him was his resistance to the Bush administration's attempts to legalize and overtly institutionalize torture. Although it's neither legal, moral, nor practical, McCain decides after all that torture ought to be okay. That is, non-torturous "additional techniques," as the administration has also pushed. Why? Is that peculiar moral illness actually a vote-getter? I've never been so proud of my country....

See here.

See also this a priori shammery for the coming Guantanamo trials.
"I said to him that if we come up short and there are some acquittals in our cases, it will at least validate the process," Davis continued. "At which point, [Haynes's] eyes got wide and he said, 'Wait a minute, we can't have acquittals. If we've been holding these guys for so long, how can we explain letting them get off? We can't have acquittals, we've got to have convictions.'"

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