Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Drops Out. Obama Wins?

An interesting point (via Sullivan).
How does Mitt Romney’s departure affect the Democratic race? Let’s look at next Tuesday. In my home state of Virginia we do not register by party, so on Tuesday Independents and Republicans can vote in either race and many will choose to vote in the Democratic contest, the only active primary. Barack Obama would seem to be the natural beneficiary of this. Independents who want to “turn the page” and Republicans who want to dispense with the Clintons may find common cause with the “Yes we can ” crowd.


Rodger said...

Interesting, as it ties Hillary Clinton's fate to Mike Huckabee's. McCain independent voters will only turn to Obama if they are confident that their man will win big without their vote.

If Huckabee wins Louisiana and Nebraska today, then that helps Clinton.

BTW, the last survey USA poll I saw had Obama up comfortably in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. The margin is much closer in Washington state.

helmut said...

Now even Bush is boosting Clinton and suggesting that Obama has no policies.