Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mp3 Find of the Day

Color me impressed. Check out The Bookworms' "The World Is Becoming a Wasteland" posted and downloadable at Music for Maniacs. Brilliant, sloppy (what do you expect? - they're like 9 years old) girl punk from the Rock & Roll Camp for Girls, a camp at which girls pick up instruments and learn to rock (check out the video at their site). Here's a review from someone who was at the 2004 camp show:
Some of the bands were definitely a little more coordinated than others, but a few of 'em were wonderful on their own--I especially loved the Bookworms, two VERY tiny girls whose song was called "The World Is Becoming a Wasteland" and sounded like the very early Germs....

"Show-shirt" photo by Chelsey Johnson

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-april said...

The Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls is publishing a book with Chronicle Books. It's like camp in a book!