Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bon Anniversaire, Dutronc

Yesterday was French singer/actor Jacques Dutronc's 65th birthday. All the best to this good man and his ever-lovely wife, Françoise Hardy.

Filles Sourires has an mp3 of one of Dutronc's biggest hits, "J'aime les Filles." (Plus, various YouTube vids available here). Get the tune from Filles Sourires by clicking on the EP cover below.


MT said...

Tres tres cool. It's like I've been living all this time alongside a parallel universe that speaks French. So much cool I've missed. And to think that but for the flap of a butterfly somewhere Austin Powers was made by Daniel Auteuil. That Opportuniste vid is fantastic.

MT said...

After some acoustic surfing of Dutronc and now Hardy, I am suddenly reminded of one of my favorite films--8 Women. Have you seen it, helmut? I think it might be your bag. You'll have your fill of les filles, certainement.