Sunday, May 25, 2008

Waning Days

Ezra Klein has this just right:

Clinton can, and should, finish the campaign. She has come too far at this point to drop out. The issue is the content of her continuing campaign. Were she running on her issues and blasting McCain, most would probably think that a boon -- more free media for Democrats, more focused criticism of McCain. But what Clinton is actually doing is giving wildly misleading speeches trying to poison the well in Michigan and Florida, opportunistically telling the voters of two major states that a decision she supported until it become inconvenient is a reason to believe that Obama and the Party dismiss or seek to repress their votes, and only Clinton cares for their democratic rights. As a message, it's a mixture of toxic lies and scorched earth campaigning. It doesn't help her win the nomination, but it makes the nomination worth a little bit less for the likely nominee.

Put simply, it's her message, not her presence, that's attracting criticism.
For some reason, Clinton supporters don't seem to understand this. The zealotry by which they misunderstand - always mutually supporting - is what is damaging ultimately to both their own longer-term interests and those of Obama supporters.

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