Tuesday, June 03, 2008


From our dear, irascible friend TMiss:

I found this rather irritating:

Kremlin Rules? Gosh, I wonder if this means that all the TV news and political talk shows in Russia are wall to wall with retired generals spouting the Kremlin line? And if so, does this mean only the NYTimes will tell us about this, or will the other American-based news organizations actually have the chutzpah to report on this when they still haven’t told us about our retired generals getting paid to shovel the Pentagon’s propaganda?

Yes, there’s still a slight difference between the USA and Russia, but style-wise it’s too close to call. I think we’ve moved towards them more than they’ve moved towards us. And no, none of this will stop our media from flogging Hugo Chávez for being half the tinpot dictator Bush is.

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Mark said...

For over a quarter century now I've been chafed by our steady move towards USSR style totalitarianism. The best proof? Nothing says "abandoning democracy" like a cultural focus on booze, better beer, better wine, and more of all of the above.

When Barack gets elected, I think we should have a national day of fasting and enemas to purge Bush right out of our systems.