Friday, July 11, 2008


Over on the culture-war front at Fort Pharyngula, PZ Meyers and the Catholic League seem to be in agreement that the best defense is a good offense. After PZ ranted anti-religiously in support of a Florida student who turned around and pocketed his just-blessed sacramental wafer, instead of crushing it against the roof of his mouth and swallowing it, the Catholic League announced they would be complaining to PZ's university regents and president, suggesting he was in violation of the school's official "Code of Conduct." The League release presented an e-mail address for the president to encourage others to complain personally, and of course they offered directions to PZ's blog as well. You can imagine the rest. Comments shut down due to overflow long ago. If you're religious, this would be a good time, I think, to pray for them all. I'll just dance around the pyre.

If you've never seen how the knights fight and wonder what it would look like, consider this 2006 conversation between Bill Moyers and Daniel Dennett.

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