Friday, August 08, 2008

Non-Lethal Capability Set

If you're wondering what to do for the weekend, you might consider picking up a Non-Lethal Capability Set. It's the latest in technology designed to subdue and repress others. In the future, America's largest industrial sector will be the production of such "kits" to subdue those protesting the erosion of civil liberties and basic human decency.

The four modules include: the checkpoint module, crowd control and detainee ops module, convoy module, and dismounted module that includes various non-lethal items troops can use during dismounted patrols.

The kits are put into large, weatherproof containers, and include everything from high-intensity lights to loud speakers. The checkpoint tools, for example, includes "equipment to establish and operate hasty and deliberate checkpoints." That means tire spikes and capture nets.

Other nonlethal sets have been fielded in the past, but the NLCS "includes items not found in the previous sets, such as tasers, Phraselators, Vehicle Lightweight Arresting Devices and Ex-Spray, which allows soldiers to detect explosive residue."


MT said...

We should all aspire to non-lethality in everything we do. Where's the harm in kicking a little butt while we're at it? Yo! Get me one a those Friesyoulaters!

jenhargis said...

My 8 year old son calls policemen's nightsticks "citizen canes".