Friday, October 03, 2008

Debate 2!

Photo: Gen. McClellan of Aghanistan

Just a couple of points... Sarah Palin started off surprisingly well by stringing together a series of sentences. Joe Biden started off tired and laboring. That shifted about halfway through when Palin ran out of the stock of talking points and had to start repeating them regardless of the question. But she did so by stringing together real sentences. It was an improvement for her.

Right now, Pat Buchanan is on MSNBC talking about Palin's "authenticity." Granted that I might not perceive it that way and can't speak for those who do, but this was a pretty blatant form of cutesy sassiness that you get used to hearing often in a place like Texas (and, apparently, Alaska). She's obviously all style, little substance. Style plays well in politics, though, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who liked that style, apart from the true believers.

But... Biden picked it up and thrashed Palin in the second half of the debate. Remember, we're talking about appearances. Biden's clearly smarter and more knowledgable. You could run the debate a hundred times and he would win every time on substance. (Buchanan's now screaming something). But he managed to be harshly critical of McCain and cast a sympathetic figure at the same time. He doesn't talk about his family's history nearly as often as Palin does, but when he does it is, frankly, a more compelling, sympathetic, and honorable story than Palin's.

Whatever.... This didn't change much. The big news of the night is that Sarah Palin is not an absolute nincompoop. Pretty sad.


MT said...

She's not a nincompoop, it's true. We need another word. I think Maher hit it about right with "bimbo," but though George Will used that word for male candidates, it's too loaded to apply to a female one. She is sort of a "dummy." Or she plays one on TV. An "airhead"? Airheads can be shrewd and poised. A "poser"? Too shrewd. Ughh. What does one hockey mom call another who's a lousy coach?

helmut said...

Hockey moms don't coach, do they?

After today's remarks about Obama "palling around" with terrorists, I think "asshole" works just fine.