Friday, November 14, 2008

On Torture Symposium / Los Desaparecidos Exhibit

Here's the announcement for the symposium, "On Torture," based from my book, On Torture. The symposium is next Tuesday, November 18th at George Washington University. All are invited to attend.

The following day will be the opening of the exhibit, Los Desaparecidos, at the Art Museum of the Americas on the National Mall here in DC. Some of the artists will be there as well as some of the speakers (including myself) from the symposium.


MT said...

Go, helmut!

troutsky said...

very inspiring. I just finished Scott Horton's article,Justice After Bush, in Harpers. Can we dream that these efforts could actually lead to prosecution someday? Amongst all their crimes, he argues this is the one on which they are most vulnerable.

Erik Loomis said...

If y'all want to give a talk in Texas, I'd love to come!