Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mp3 Discovery of the Day

Maus Haus produces a fun, unique combination of punk, psychedelic, and electro operating at the fringes of what counts as pop. That is, they almost make you want to dance, but not really (or you can't without looking like Elaine Benes). Pick up a couple of mp3s at RCRDLBL from their new album, Lark Marvels. The SF Weekly describes them nutshellfully,
Everything feels unhinged on Lark Marvels; there's a jokey nonchalance to the vocals, and the percussion often manifests as a confined clatter. This is pop bent through the surreal lens of krautrock and cosmic psych.


MT said...

Agreed. I think it might be cooler to quote from the SF Bay Guardian, but maybe that just shows I'm old.

MT said...

Think "Rigid" in "Rigid Breakfast" is from Safran Foer?