Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Readings

Juan Cole directs us to 666 Reasons Sentient Citizens are Still Celebrating the Long Overdue Departure of George W. Bush. And that's enough of that apart from the pursuit of war crimes.

A photo-dictionary of Japanese Buddhist sculpture. And a guide to identifying Buddhist images in Japanese sculpture. (Spent a couple of hours yesterday at the Sackler and Freer Galleries here in DC specifically looking at Japanese, Chinese, SE Asian, and Indian Buddhist art. Incredible.).

Tom Dispatch: What Does Economic "Recovery" Mean on an Extreme Weather Planet?

A tax on vehicle miles? Maybe the wave of the short-term, "we'll get past this" future.

Dani Rodrik on Capitalism 3.0.

French-bashing alert down to code blue/green or guarded/low. Politics steady.

IAEA tackling food insecurity through mutant banana strains? (via Global Dashboard)

Agricultural sabotage.

Good advice on "bipartisanship."

Hoarding things that will help prevent you from hoarding things.

Alternatives to those fugu testicles cravings.

And, finally, from Pruned, "city upon a chicken":

A “multiscape” by Pim Palsgraaf, 2005


MT said...

I have to admit, I didn't see where you were going until I got to the city upon a chicken.

troutsky said...

"The history of capitalism has been a process of learning and re-learning these lessons" Dani Rodik

It also describes Alzheimers or general idiocy. It is also code for billions of corpses over which the chicken-city walks.