Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Testimony of the Normal

There's a lot in this testimony of Spc. Brandon Neely, a former guard at Guantánamo. But I want to point out one somewhat peripheral remark.
...He [David Hicks, Australian prisoner] then went on to say he was attempting to leave the Afghanistan when, one night, he was on board a taxi and the taxi was stopped by the Northern Alliance. He was captured from there. He then stated that the Northern Alliance didn't treat him too badly and that, the next thing he knew, he was told he was being sold to the Americans for $1500 (there were many detainees during my time at Guantanamo who stated that they had been sold as well to the Americans; they said that the more valuable the Americans thought you were, the more they payed for them).
Consider the incentive structure combined with American fear and anger.

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