Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Politicians in My Eyes

Listening... Catbirdseat posts the 1975 punk rarity, "Politicians in My Eyes" by the band Death. Death was a pre-Bad Brains trio of Detroit black dudes who moved from R&B to punk and cut just a few songs in 1975-1976. This is rare and great stuff, well worth the download and pursuit of the Drag City compilation of Death's mid-70s work. Politicians in my eyes... awesome.


esinclai said...

After I heard them playing the Drag City disk in my local emporium, I did a quick google and found that Chunklet had posted both sides of the original 7 inch

And then the next day the NYT had an article

I still need to go pick up the full length, but it's on the list.

MT said...

What a Gemisch. Hendrix, Stooges...Air Supply?

helmut said...

Thanks for the links, Eric.