Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Washington Post & Climate Change

In some ways, the George Will hoohah has served as a red herring. Have you noticed how, since the new editorial staff came on at the Washington Post (two from the WSJ - see here and here), there are few front-page stories on climate change? Have you noticed this? The Post has top-notch environmental writers. How is it possible to take one of the most pressing issues of this moment in history and put it on page A-3 or in the Style section?

Juliet Eilperin and Mary Beth Sheridan were able to fit this paragraph into the recent page A-3 story on accelerated Arctic ice melting (see also David Roberts at Grist):
The new evidence—including satellite data showing that the average multiyear wintertime sea ice cover in the Arctic in 2005 and 2006 was nine feet thick, a significant decline from the 1980s—contradicts data cited in widely circulated reports by Washington Post columnist George F. Will that sea ice in the Arctic has not significantly declined since 1979.
But the front page seems to be off-limits for climate change reporting, and that has occured since the new editors arrived. Just saying....

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troutsky said...

You will find such articles next to the ones on growing world poverty and Zionist settlement building. And it is not a coincidence.