Thursday, June 25, 2009

US Soccer/Football Grows Up

I hope you all know (at least you Americans) that yesterday in the Confederations Cup the US earned perhaps its greatest victory in its soccer history. They defeated the number one team, Spain, which hadn't lost in 15 games and which is widely regarded as the current powerhouse, finally living up to its potential. Congratulations.


MT said...

"[I]ts potential" being the potential of a U.S. soccer team and estimated in light of U.S. performance in other international team sport competitions, you mean? Or you mean you've been following this team and knew it had the goods? Both I guess. I hadn't been aware of any potential besides a continuation of U.S. feebleness in the world's most popular sport. I'm not sure I regret the seeming reversal. It's nice when every country sucks at something, and no country dominates everything.

helmut said...

No, the "its potential" refers to Spain. That sentence isn't well constructed.

Spain has long had great players, but could never seem to produce results to match its talent. It became a characteristic of Spanish football not to live up to its potential. That changed at the last Euro and their team now shows not only typical Spanish brilliance, but also real confidence and motivation.

That's who the US defeated yesterday. It's a good win.