Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bits and Pieces - 7/15/09

The joys of anger.

Sick sea lions.

Those of us in New Mexico would really like to know the extent of our governor's involvement. Investigation continues. (HuffPo, TPMMuck)

Photos of Manhattan Project equipment. Here's the X-10 reactor face at Oak Ridge. I've seen many of these in person. There's a book just out with black and white photos like this. H/t to Adam Rofer. (Is nepotism allowed here?)

Six members appointed to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. With any luck, this commission will finger the bad guys and bad situations that allowed (assisted?) it to happen. With any luck, this might be a redo of the Pecora Commission.


MT said...

Yeah, Cheryl, like I'm so sure that's exactly the design you need to make an atom bomb. The Iranians may not know how to build a bomb yet, but I'm sure they've heard of photo shop. Nice try.

Cheryl Rofer said...

No, everything is miniaturized now.

MT said...

Let's hope they never develop an iPhone app.