Saturday, August 01, 2009

Goodbye, Post

I'm deleting the link to the Washington Post on the sidebar. I'm simply tired of and embarrassed for the paper - of its inane antics posing as, what, entertainment? Infotainment? Tired of its insistent establishment genuflection. Tired of having to log in each visit. It's not a lot of labor to log in, but it's even less effort to click on the NY Times link for their special brand of incompetence (see here and here), or somewhere else. I have a couple friends at the Post who are top-notch reporters, and it's the paper of my city, but I don't read it any more.


troutsky said...

I sense the sadness, the "democracy" grows grimmer and dimmer.

J. said...

I am getting close to that point also. I find myself unwilling to read much more than the headlines and the first paragraph, because I usually find the articles poorly researched and poorly presented. It's a horrible statement to have to make, but there it is.