Monday, August 10, 2009


It's been an absolutely horrible Monday, with all that proper noun implies. But I'm not happy with leaving a trivial and crabby post at the top of the blog. So I've been looking all day. Maybe it was the frozen vodka I poured myself, into the frozen glasses I keep for that purpose. But I finally found something that provoked me to laugh. So here is Giustino, part Estonian, part American, part Italian, navigating through what used to be his home country.

And, sorry, the title is quite beyond my ability to translate. I think it has to do with crabs or cancer, rotation, and lines. I'm wondering if it's a variant on my crabby posts, sometimes on bits and pieces. But it's much better than mine when I do that.

Tänan väga, Giustino!

To complement Giustino's post, here's an Estonian flower. For the full surreal effect, click on it.

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