Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Use Your Auspicious Coconut

At long last, a nuclear sub for India.

Some other figures (from Unicef):
  • 42% of population below international poverty line of US$1.25 per day, 2005
  • 66% Total adult literacy rate, 2000–2007

Oh, and the Maharashtra State Government is also now planning building this beast (I think they hired someone from The Onion to do the artist's rendering):

The press release notes early on that it will be "four feet taller" than the Statue of Liberty (we should just send it back!).

It will only cost Rs. 200 crore (or about $42 million USD).

(Both images from The Indian Express)


Anonymous said...

...more coconut pix pls...

Anonymous said...

Least of their worries it seems, more treatment of India's woes by Shlock at Naxalite Rage.

barba de chiva said...

Naxalite Rage ( is indeed pretty interesting. Thanks for that.

The promise of more coconuts never fades here at Phronesisaical.