Friday, September 11, 2009

Bits and Pieces - September 11, 2009

Activity in the Arctic increases as the ice thaws. Nice to see that American and Canada are working together on some of it. There's been some friction.

One of a few articles lately that seem to indicate that progress may be in the works for Israel and Palestine.

Stephen Walt sounds the alarm on the usual fall "let's bomb Iran" campaign, while Trita Parsi finds some things we can work with in the Iranian proposal. I hope to be able to say more on this, but don't hold your breath if my schedule continues the way it has.

And too bizarre: A Human Rights Watch exec likes to dress up as a Nazi.

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MT said...

I suppose the Nazi dress-up is ironic or satire or whatever punks thought they were doing. Didn't Jello Biafra swing that way? I think I might have sort of understood it at some point.