Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bits and Pieces - September 2, 2009

How persistently wrong the MSM can be. Now apply this lesson to something important.

Sanctions don't work.

I grew up on stories about Hubble and the Mount Wilson telescope. I was just thinking last week that there seem to be so many telescopes now, it's not like when the biggies were Mt. Wilson and Mt. Palomar. This article also has some things that tie in with some thinking I'm doing about scientists being the only true public intellectuals around these days...

This is the only place I've seen an explanation of yesterday's Gmail outage.

Don't believe it if you hear that the swine flu virus is mixing with bird flu.

Another post incubating on how countries treat their past.

Indications that Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens may retire.

India envisions robotic Mars voyage. Really? After their Moon probe lost its electronics?

The Congressional Research Service report on those frat-boy contractors in Afghanistan.

The solar flare of September 1, 1859. (h/t to RG)

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