Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Good Sign

In this latest "terror plot" (quotes because not much has been shown to be a terror plot yet), we can be pleased that the terror color has not been ratcheted up to red. I assume that it stays at orange for airports, whatever that means.

But we can be glad that the TSA's duties have not yet ratcheted up to full body searches for everyone. In fact, there seems to be no change; at least no public panic like that for the "liquid explosive" bombers.

A small victory for rationality.


helmut said...

Good observation.

CaitlynA said...

When I left National Airport after returning from a conference in Newport I saw a message saying that the threat level had been elevated, though it didn't say what level it elevated to. As you say, there didn't seem to be any change from when I departed on Monday.

MT said...

Obama views things on the global scale, so obviously he sees threat as continuous rather than quantized. If you had used a spectrometer you probably would have noticed a shift toward the UV--just probably not more than a few tens of nanometers. Occam's razor.